And worse... I've lost Latvia!

Sitting in my post queue like a sad broken promise was the most recent post that I had been working on. I put it here in full: Two interesting things from the blog stats that I see this fine morning.  1) I have not posted an entry for eleven months.  2) My readership has increased by something like thirteen times since the days when I was posting somewhat regularly. I don't have an easy explanation for either of those things.  Actually, the second thing seems to be a combination of search engine robot jiggery-pokery, and an astonishing uptick in readership from Latvia. (Hello, Latvians!) The first thing is on me entirely, and the explanation isn't easy due to me not intending to give it to the internet.  (Sorry, Latvians!) I see that this post was dated Aug 19, 2013.  And I have now had a quick scan of my (such as it is) readership.  I have lost whatever traction I once had in Latvia.  Sorry, Latvians!

Creeeeeeek Flutter Flutter *cough*

And this room is where I kept my blog!  Look at it sitting there all lonely. You know...  A bit of solvent and some polish, we might be able to get this thing going again.  What do you think, kids?  Take her for a spin?


About a week ago I had a looksee at this poor neglected hallway of my internet presence and was astonished to notice that it had been close to a year since the last post on here.  So I thought it would be amusing to wait the week and have the next post show up exactly a year later.  Give or take twelve hours. Hello everyone.  What's new?

Dressing up the laptop

Pretty spiffy, I gotta say.
I had a moment to watch Boxing coverage and heard one of the commenters say (and I am trying to remember the wording exactly): "A boxer should always be cognizant of the location of the other boxer's fists." I love that.  I am going to use that as my new motto.
For about 18 hours the other day I was under the impression that a group of badminton players had been lighting matches and throwing them at people.  Sort of like an angry street gang or something. Learning the truth has come as sort of a letdown.

For no reason, a quote I found.

"A good sacrifice is one that is not necessarily sound but leaves your opponent dazed and confused." --Nigel Short