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Tis the season

Mental Floss brings us "The Definitive History of the Bud Bowl"

In snowy conditions at scale-sized Busch Stadium, Budweiser overcame a gritty performance by Bud Light quarterback Budway Joe and scored the winning touchdown as time expired when an offensive player advanced a fumble, which is illegal by NFL rules. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Anheuser-Busch received hundreds of telephone calls about the play over the course of the next week, prompting the St. Louis-based brewery to respond thusly:

“In the National Football League, of course, the offensive team cannot advance a fumble in the final two minutes of a game unless the ball is recovered by the same player who fumbled it. However, no such rule exists in the BFL (Budweiser Football League).”

I was unable to get my hands on a copy of the official BFL rulebook, but there are some other subtle hints that the Bud Bowl wasn’t governed by NFL rules. Like, for instance, the fact that its participants didn’t have any hands…

Hello there!

Exit, Pursued by a Bear"Transylvania frequently treads the edges of the ridiculous, especially when Zingarina and Tchangalo converse floridly in English, their sole common language. But it also has the courage to be ridiculous, as when the couple spontaneously make love on the hood of his car only to be scared off by a roving bear."On staging the bear


I've recently come across a couple of references to the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay. And following them up came across this site about the hotel:
In the late 1970s, there was much talk in the bars of Torquay's hotels as to whether there was a "real" Basil Fawlty in Torquay. It was known that Monty Python were filming in Torquay in the early seventies and stayed at several hotels. The Links Hotel, St Marychurch was mentioned in one newspaper article, but not the Gleneagles. The BBC at the time refused to divulge this information. In 1979 the then owner of the Gleneagles, Mr Pat Phillips, revealed that John Cleese had stayed there and asked him about real incidents he could use. John Cleese had returned to the Gleneagles hoping to find the original owner, Mr Sinclair, still there, but he had sold the hotel in 1973 and moved to Florida. Mr Phillips told John Cleese about a Spanish waiter he had employed a…

And in other news...

Currently listening to

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir. A "chambery folky punky band based in Chicago." The songs that are available on their myspace page are a good representative sample, barring the startlingly anemic cover of "Fairytale of New York" - I suspect that they do a fun job of it live (the one slight lyric change seems like the sort of thing that was improvised in performance and kept), but they treat it with a bit too much respect in studio to make it into their own.

I'm putting this link up entirely for myself, so I don't lose it

On previous trips abroad, I've relied on this method for getting my VAT taxes back:
Upon deplaning, find the baggage claim areaCollect baggageKneel down next to the baggage carouselStart pounding head on groundAfter some blood, my VAT refund money will pour out of my foreheadThere is another method, involving filling out forms, but that one has always seemed more difficult.

Here's my link to study up - a necessity if the dollar is going to stay where it's been.

Breaking Down the Nervous Detectives - Nuf Ced McGreevy Shouted "We're Not Here to Mess Around!"

Life on Mars - Series One, Episode Five - February 6, 2006

The final episode of Life on Mars aired on BBCAmerica last week, and I've been alternately anticipating and dreading the BBC's upcoming sequel and the American redo (although the writers strike might have put a stake in the latter's heart by now) One of the joys of Life on Mars is the way it can play with the audience.

We know, as Sam knows, what's coming. There's something about sport(s) that brings in the pack instinct. Next week will see the SuperBowl played between two teams from two cities that hate each other's sports teams. There will be a week of taunting and chest thumping and then, after one of the team wins, there will be still be taunting and chest thumping and one more thing to yell about at the next Yankees/Red Sox game.

There's a moment at the end of this episode - everyone in the city is walking to the game. I love that moment. You start walking with just your friends and family (or…

The future of the city

Regine from We Make Money Not Art reports from the "Cities of the Future" panel at the DLD Conference.

Part one, Part two.

Buying the New Yorker 1976 - page 61

Honest to God, I was looking at this for ages before I realized that it wasn't food.

So anyway.

When you upload an image on Blogger, it ends up in your Picasa account. The wierd thing is that once you have an image in your Picasa account, you can't manipulate it in the layout as well as when you were first uploading it (This is probably due to Blogger and Picasa having started out as seperate companies that were both absorbed by Google)

A while ago, Blogger made a big announcement about how they had migrated all the photos from the Blogger web locker into Picasa. This was excellent, as there was previously no way that I could find to actually get into my Blogger photo locker. This annoyed me.

A while ago, a chunk of the photos from the Blogger photo lockers were loaded into Picasa, but only some, with the announcement that, in time, more images would be transferred. None have. So the earliest photos that were loaded in are still in limbo somewhere.

The reason that I'm agi…

I shudder and nod my head in agreement

Steven at the Sneeze takes a look at one of the specific horrors of Candyland. I've seen young children having Candyland meltdowns. It is not pretty.

Some videos

News of the upcoming UK version of Law and Order brings my attention to the Russian version:


I am quite fond of this video (Remind Me by Royksopp):


The animated adventures of Syd Barrett:

Seven James Bonds at Casino Royale...


An open letter to the guy on the subway this morning

I do understand the convenience of using a bluetooth headset with a cellphone and I no longer automatically infer that someone who is seeming to have a conversation with nobody while looking off into space is insane.

Might I nevertheless suggest that a crowded subway car is not the best place to have a phone session with your therapist? Just a thought.

And good luck working that thing out with your father.

Always have a travel plan

And what is the new hot thing with Japanese high school girls?

Apparently it's ska music.

Meet Oreskaband.

Jim Backus falls in love with a dog that wears false eyelashes

Mark Khaisman makes art with packing tape


I’ve got somewhere to go after all

Judge a Book by its Cover makes poetry by taking the last sentence from every chapter of James Patterson's You've Been Warned.

Here's the first half:
I raise my camera again, and—
The music is inside my head.
“Lord knows you don’t want to piss off that boss of yours.”
I scream at the top of my lungs.
And that’s when someone does.
And he loves it even more when I join him there.
So innocent.
See? I’m back in control.
It’s time to hit the darkroom.
And I think that burning smell is back too.
And I know just where to go.
It’s the maître d’ again.
But when he finishes, everyone reaches for a pen.

Status Report!

A quick start of the year update on what you might be able to expect from me in the coming year:

The UK Christmas Single aftermath.

Yes, I know. I saw. Give me a little time.

A Citizen of the Universe

I've been wondering if it really makes sense for me to keep this going. I am not alone in having a main blog and a Doctor Who blog so that I can make a quick point without having to write three paragraphs explaining what I'm on about. On the other hand, I've been pretty infrequent about posting there, so I might as well fold it in. I'll continue to think on this.

This Week in Pod

I'll be revamping this, as I have hit the point where I need to change what I am doing. (I've filled up the iPod and have nowhere near hit the end of my collection. I also have just learned that RIAA has somehow changed their policy and are now suing people who are taking CDs that they own and copying them into their own computers so they can listen to their own music on their own iPods.…

Pardon me while I completely nerd out

When I was eight, this was the best comic ever.

Lost links

Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry (Futurama fans will recognize it):

More on Pierre Henry here.


via Crying all the Way to the Chip Shop, photos of "Thamesmead, Riverside School, 76-78."


The latest meme - Intensive Classical Music Blogging. Herehere and here, for impressive examples.


From Beyond the Groovy age of Horror, a guy gets shot in the ass with a flare gun.


A bookstore inside a former Dominican church.