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Great moments in philately

From the New York Times interview with Karl Rove:
Are you going to send him [Obama] a little note congratulating him?

I already have. I sent it to his office. I sent him a handwritten note with funny stamps on the outside.

What kind of funny stamps?


Heading into the holidays

I post this photo again, just because everyone loves it.

I am aware of all internet traditions!

Offered without comment.


Compare and contrast

I've been thinking that these images are oddly familiar:

I just figured it out!

(Got Futurama)

Hello Dog!

From the new Life Photo archive at Google:

Conductor Artur Rodzinski looks on sternly as his poodle jumps into his mink coat-clad wife's arms on 57th St. and 5th Ave. Location:New York, NY, USDate taken:April 1944Photographer:Nina Leen

It's Homecoming season, time to dust off those oldies for the sock hop!

But I like making titles for blog posts. Coming up with a good title is fun.
"Changing hair is uniquely possible in novels. In comics, looks must be iconic; in television, it's subject to actor cooperation and continuity; in radio, no one has hair."


The White House, made from dog chews

Addendum: Hey! That's not the White House! It's the Capitol Building!

I should have noticed that.

The White House, Love It! Bite It!, Saatchi Gallery, London., originally uploaded by Jim Linwood.

Offered without comment.