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And he's back.

So I understand that while I was away the economy collapsed.

Gone Dark

I've been busy and not blogging very much at all this month. My way of fixing that is by setting everything aside and going off on an adventure.

I'll be back in a little while. See you then.


I was in a meeting the other day when all of a sudden something in my elbow went "twang" and for about half a minute I found myself in excruciating pain. On the plus side as I was in the middle of explaining something, my sudden change from normal business-speak to high volume swearing actually helped to get my point across. The pain subsided and my arm was mostly back to normal.

I decided to head off to the doctor as this was sort of an odd thing to have happen and I wasn't keen to have it happen again. So a few hours later I found myself purposely waving my now pain-free and completely mobile arm in front of the triage nurse.

She could find absolutely nothing wrong with it.

"Have you been playing tennis?"


"Are you sure?"

At the time, I was sort of happy with this line of questioning, as I felt that it indicated that I must appear to be an active tennis-playing sort of fellow. In retrospect, I think it indicates that I must appear to be…

Why yes, that is indeed a monkey washing a cat.

Every so often, someone hauls out this old clip of a monkey washing a cat:

It is an exciting clip. I started to wonder where it came from. Some newsreel? A home movie?

I've been trying to find that out. The problem is that searching for it has it's own barrier - the only terms that I can use to search are "monkey," "washing," and "cat." Searching for "monkey," "washing," and "cat" brings a whole lot of people doing the same thing that I just did a couple of sentences ago: posting the clip and saying "Look! A monkey washing a cat!"

The best I can find is this site - the cleverly titled It doesn't have more information about the identity of the Monkey or the Cat, but it does have the largest amount of footage. You can watch the monkey pick up the cat!

Some day I will know more.

Harvest TIme Again

This year's grape harvest came a bit earlier than it should. There was a hurricane coming, and a squirrel had been having a nice feast - so half of Saturday afternoon was spent picking grapes in the drizzle. There's some left on the vine, either too green or hard to reach, perhaps enough to survive to be picked later.

So here's the haul, I spent the afternoon picking out the stems and the green ones. In honor of the squirrel, I am going to call this year's wine "Squirlot."

Greetings Google Overlords!

Today I am told by Blogger Buzz:For more than a year, you have been able to view all the photos you've uploaded to your blog in Picasa Web Albums.No.  
No, I haven't.

Blogger Buzz from March 8, 2007: all the photos you've uploaded since December will appear in an album there, and we're working on migrating your older photos as well. (It'll take a while though - there are a lot of them.)Either they've stopped working on it or something went wrong, as those older photos have NEVER come over.
I don't mind this being low priority, Google Overlords, but please don't lie to me.