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J.S. Bach - Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip

The pipe helps complete the ensemble



I pass along a good story

via From The North
And, speaking of dearly departed Saint John of Strawberry Fields, I was recently told a really funny (though, sadly probably apocryphal) story about the occasion when Lennon was filming his legendary sequence for the Christmas 1966 Not Only ... But Also episode by someone who worked, briefly, on the series (in a floor-sweeping capacity). If you've never seen this particular sequence, John played Dan, the doorman of a trendy London nightclub, The Ad-Lav, which was situated in an underground men's lavatory. He was filmed with Peter Cook (playing American TV presenter Hirman J Pipesucker) and lets him into the establishment once the little matter of a 'five pound waiting list' has been satisfactorily dealt with. The location used for the scene was outside the entrance of a genuine Gentlemen's public convenience on Broadwick Street in deepest Soho. One that's still there as it happens and that Keith Telly Topping has been known to frequent on the …


I didn't haz that cheeseburger, officer.

Google Alerts, um, alerted me to this somewhat enjoyable LOLcat:

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It's not that Google Alerts decided I needed to ponder that, but to help me find that lurking in the middle of the amazing number of comments that this photo inspired was this:

Not me. I did not do that.

Just sayin'.