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meeting halfway

One of the things that I keep meaning to try to come up with a way to write is something about my habit of not wanting to write about something until I have finished it, which is balanced by my habit of starting something else immediately after finishing another thing and then being caught up in that so I never get to writing about the previous thing.

The other day I made it halfway through this podcast from Stephen Fry.  I quite like the way he can start to build his passion up in these things.  I'm still not done with it, but decided that as I am going to try to start mentioning things that I am in the middle of (in order to get myself in more of a habit of writing *anything*), I might as well throw it up here and let you know to have a listen.

And as I write this I see that he is going on social media hiatus, to write a sequel to Moab is my Washpot (US,UK), which is a book that I've had for ages, and haven't yet sat down to actually read.

I see my work is half cut out f…

Enjoy the "Sizzle Real" for Slingers.

I did that last post wrong. I am still learning. sorry.


I have started the year off by slacking.  I am a slacker. Posted via email from Xenius's posterous