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The New Yorker volunteers to pick up my slack!

"What do Chrysler, Rolls Royce, and girdles have in common? They've all been advertised in The New Yorker throughout the magazine's eighty-six year history. This week, our Back Issues blog débuts a new column of our vintage ads."

They even start off with an ad celebrating interesting people wearing interesting pants!  I say good for them.  And lucky for me getting a kick in my own non-interesting pants to start blogging more often.  And also lucky for me as I now have another excuse to post this:

“I can see it now: me sitting out by the fire, my trusty space squid by my side…”

Wuthering Heights: The Role Playing Game

Translated from the original French.


"In all the rules, the male gender (he, his, etc.) will be used for our examples. This of course implies the game is not suited for the feeble minds of our ladies. This work deals with such themes as suicide, despair, homosexuality and socialism for the sole purpose of entertainment."

lets go to the rules:

Once Despair reaches 90 or above, the Persona must Murder himself.
If he fails, he loses 1d10 Rage.
If Despair reaches 10 or below, the Persona is happy and spends the days doing useless but funny things.
After that, he gains back 1d10 Despair.
Oh no!:

"Some original rules were not translated; in the French version, you'll find rules about large battles, psionic powers, vampyres, martial arts and more ... "