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Great moments in fictional bears

Coming at me sideways from Tardis Eruditorum:
That said, this basic aesthetic of 2000 AD is perhaps better summarized by the strip that replaced Flesh - a sixteen issue job that is rarely mentioned as one of the absolute classics of 2000 AD, despite being absolutely fantastic in every regard. I am speaking, of course, of Shako. Shako tells the story of a particularly homicidal polar bear who has swallowed some vital military hardware and is being chased by government agents. It is, in practice, nothing more than sixteen short strips of a polar bear violently slaughtering people in improbable and needlessly imaginative ways. Though really, little needs to be said about Shako beyond its tagline: Shako! The Only Bear on the CIA Death List! And so a quick google later and I find a spiffy overview here:
The Americans are goal-orientated and tech-savvy but fail to accommodate the difficulties and nuances of the environment in which they are battling. Could Shako be the first Vietnam analogy i…

wild Up - A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left (Andrew Bird cove...


This could be fun.

Legal thriller looms as Sherlock takes his caseload to New York

The part that caught my eye:

Sue Vertue, Sherlock Executive Producer at Hartswood Films, said: "We understand that CBS are doing their own version of an updated Sherlock Holmes. It's interesting, as they approached us a while back about remaking our show. At the time, they made great assurances about their integrity, so we have to assume that their modernised Sherlock Holmes doesn't resemble ours in any way, as that would be extremely worrying."As the "unusual" and thus "protectable" elements of the current BBC series includes "modern settings and characters" as well as the use of laptops and smartphones, I think that we ought to get ready for a rumble. 

I also am willing to wager that whatever legal wrangling happens, it will be far more interesting and entertaining than the American version is in any way likely to be.

I am not the Walrus, I am not the Boss



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Leaping from my old notebook:

This was something that I overheard and wrote down verbatim.  I have no idea where or when I heard it, but I am guessing it was a couple of years ago and perhaps on the subway.
"So he had a stack of three chickens and they were just folded epicly. So I said 'dude, these chickens are epic!  Can you do lambs?' and he was like 'later dude.'"

I add value to my iPhone

Lifehacker has informed me about Urge.  This is an iPhone app to help you keep track of all the little bits of savings that you can get by, say, not getting that second cup of coffee.

The way it works is this:  every time you don't spend money, you open up the app and tell it how much the thing you didn't purchase costs.  The app then keeps track of how much money you have saved.

It costs two bucks.  I have not purchased it.  Thus I have saved two bucks.

I imagine that proponents of the app will argue that the potential savings that would come from using the app would be more than two bucks.

I respond by not purchasing a 300 foot yacht.  I have now saved another $150,000,000.  This brings my savings to $150,000,002.  What a good day!  I think I will knock off early.

I am still not adding value to the internet!

Just trying something.

No worries.

From a random page of my private journal:

11:41pm. Went out for mexican food. Slow waiter. Guys at the table next to us couldn't get a grip on Mexican food "it's all like onions and peppers and tortillas. They want us to starve." Then they noticed that there were burgers on the menu and cheered right up. -8/31/09

I am not adding value to the internet

Something is not working quite right so I am just putting up a post to test something.

And how are you doing, the internet?

Globe Theatre, you have your remit!

It used to be thought that the “bear’ was a man in costume.  But scholars have now focused on the fact that two polar bear cubs were brought back from the waters off Greenland in 1609, that they were turned over to Philip Henslowe’s bear collection (hard by the Globe theater), and that polar bears show up in three productions of the 1610-1611 theatrical season….Polar bears become fierce at pubescence and were relegated to bear baiting, but the cubs were apparently still trainable in their  young state.”

Every time it rains, it rains...Rain!


Lester Bangs, birthday party, cheesecake, jelly bean, boom

[in spring 1980] Peter Buck and Michael Stipe planned to start a band of their own, and they drove to New York following their friends in Pylon to check out the scene.  They were hungry, they barely had the gas money to get back home, and they were disappointed that Moline had nothing to eat but cheesecake and jelly beans.
"I had read all of Lester Bangs's stuff in Creem and thought he was the greatest thing in the world." Buck said fifteen years later.  "Now here we were at this party, filling up on birthday cake and jelly beans.  Lester was standing there, and every time someone walked by--it was like a mantra--he'd have something to say to them.  He called me a rotten cocksucker.  . . . I was like: 'That's Lester Bangs!  That's so cool!'" --DeRogatis:  Let it Blurt pp 189-90