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Excellent moments in Wikipedia vandalism

"And then there was an interception. INTERCEPTION! OOOOOH!"

The Boston Globe on the latest episode of ESPN's “30 for 30" :
As for “Four Nights in October,’’ let’s just say the inclusion of comedian Lenny Clarke as a “voice of the fan’’ is roughly the equivalent of having Gilbert Gottfried become the new voice of NFL Films, and leave it at that.Let me now go on record.

I would love for Gilbert Gottfried to become the new voice of NFL Films.

I wonder about the backstory

"These crackers are stale!"
"No they are not!  Crackers don't go stale!"
"Yes they do!  These are old and stale!"
"I'll prove it to you by asking Facebook!  Facebook will agree with me that crackers don't go stale!"