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The Inflatable Head of Columbus

From Miguel Luciano

The Inflatable Head of Columbus (2006) parodies a failed Christopher Columbus monument in Puerto Rico. The statue, designed by Russian artist Zurab Tsereteli, was rejected by several U.S. cities before arriving in Cataño, Puerto Rico, costing the towns millions of dollars in shipping alone. However, finances collapsed, the Mayor of Cataño (Edwin “el Amolao” Sierra) resigned for psychological reasons and the controversial project was never erected.

Today, Columbus lies fragmented in thousands of pieces of bronze, deteriorating in an outdoor lot next to the Bacardi Factory in Cataño… perhaps the only justice in the story.

The only recognizable feature of the statue had been the giant Head.

To commemorate the 500-year anniversary of the Death of Christopher Columbus (May 20, 2006), I installed an inflatable replica in the Plaza Colón (Columbus Plaza) of Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The spoonerism for "blog hits" is "hog blitz"

Greetings, everyone interested in Marianne Moore and the Edsel!

Was there an article somewhere?

If this were only real..

Dave Perillo asks the question - If, in the mid seventies, Hanna-Barbera had put out Saturday morning cartoons starring punk rock acts of the day, what would the title cards look like?

And then he answers:

H. G. Wells tells it how he sees it


Welcome to my blog! Twitter freely and of your own will!

I was delighted to see that someone is publishing the original novel of Dracula as a blog in "real time"  (Dracula is an epistolary novel - comprised of a collection of letters and journal entries, so each chapter is dated and sometimes even timed.)

Even more astonishingly there is another real-time Dracula project on Twitter, where the letters and Journal entries are being recast as tweets.
JHarkerEsq: Finally met the Count. Really frail looking guy--deathly pale and cold. Definitely needs some sun. Doubt he'll survive the trip to England 1:05 AM May 5th JHarkerEsq: Wolves encircled carriage, scary coachman returned and waved the beasts away like some freaky Wolf Whisperer. Think I'm going to pass ou-- 12:30 AM May 5th JHarkerEsq: What in blazes? Coachman has disappeared and left me alone in the carriage. (must speak to the Count about him) I think I hear wolves...9:04 PM May 4th JHarkerEsq: Terrified landlady forced her gaudy old cruficix round my neck. Still waitin…

Straddling the border between useless and cool

Image via WikipediaDickens URL is a service that will not only give you a short link to your site, but assigns it with a quote from Dickens.

Thus this blog can now be reached at:

which unfurls to:

Because the site has somehow decided that this quote :
There is a wisdom of the Head, and ... there is a wisdom of the Heart.From Hard Times is the most appropriate for this blog.


In other news, this post is being created using Zemanta, which is a plug-in designed to help streamline blogging by selecting contextual clues and using them to generate links and find images for your posts. Thus the picture of Dickens and the link to go purchase Hard Times.

Perhaps if I am in an obnoxious mood, I will start enabling all the links that it suggests.

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