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2010 - Virtually everyone gets together.

I am starting to wonder if the reason why contemporary music frequently seems so unfinished is because the artists are well aware that the tracks are going to be completely dismantled and reassembled anyway.

As I go the the selection of music that I listen to, I realize that much of it is mash-ups and that many of the tracks getting mashed are ones that I don't know the originals of. So because of that my knowledge of them is part of a melange. The individual track is becoming as meaningless as the need to experience an album in track order.

And it is in some ways glorious. I've forever had times when I've had more than one song in my head at once. In the analog world I would have the hardest time simply verbalizing how I can tell that multiple songs could fit together but now...

Just listen to this:

This is not the sound of music imploding. It is the sound of music evolving.