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Adelie penguins after a blizzard at Cape Denison / photograph by Frank Hurley


Thea Gilmore - You Spin Me Right Round Live Manchester

I think the term we want is "silver lining"

From The Bookseller (Italics mine):
Speaking at the keynote address at the London Book Fair this morning (22nd April), Boris Johnson [The mayor of London] enthused about the city’s many bookshops and libraries as well as publishers - and the English language itself. "Americans may be borrowing it, but we minted it," he said.Drawing on the digital theme that carried through many of the fair’s seminars, Johnson, who has previously acted as shadow arts minister, said: "I don’t think Google is going to destroy publishing, I don’t think it will stop people reading books", explaining that as long as there were delays on public transport people would need books to read.This explains much about the MBTA. They aren't horribly mismanaged, they are trying to help the local literacy rates!
Bonus Insight:
"I don’t think the internet is the threat it is supposed to be. I see only one threat, only one real challenge to the importance and attractiveness of books, one common…

I am almost frightened at how delightful this is

This is how the Craig Ferguson show started a few days ago.

I would really like to know about how they came up with this. I picture a bunch of people sitting around a conference table saying "Ok, so we've agreed to the lipsynching puppets. Now let's go to the whiteboard and narrow down what track to use."
I like how with Blogger and Twitter, the way to get a list of system commands sent to your phone is to text the word 'help' to the same number that you send the text to. This way if it doesn't work the way it should, not only will you not get the list of commands, but the internet will think that you are getting mugged or something.
Blogger has upgraded its interface. This means that I am now able to blog from my crap cell phone. Which is what I am doing now.

Getting closer

Me from a few years ago:
Post-apocalyptic visions were big in the eighties - Mad Max and all that - it was some sort of comfort that as the world fell apart, us young whippersnappers could adapt with it. One of the scenes in this episode was filmed in a street in Shad Thames. This is a group of Victorian-era warehouses that have a complex series of bridges connecting them. Almost from the moment this area was created, it was known as a bit dodgy sort of a place, and into the eighties the long-abandoned buildings only found use as a film location. Now it has been yuppified. The once empty buildings now contain spacious (and expensive) condos, art galleries, design firms and posh restaurants. Entropy works in ways more complicated than one might have imagined.Oh Google Streetview? Did you take your spiffy camera truck down this very interesting street?

Well, perhaps I can see if I can get a look sideways... Here we go:

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Mr blurry face cellphone guy, we're needed!

As I've been quite busy the past few weeks, I haven't had as much chance to go puttering around the new additions to streetview as I've wanted. Mostly, folks who are similarly inclined and with more time on their hands have been picking up the slack.

Here's one that I haven't seen done yet for a place I've blogged about before, the location for Steed's flat in the Avengers:

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over four hours of rare Nichols and May