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Testing out a cross posting photo now

This is just a picture I took because I thought that the sky looked cool.  What I'm really doing is testing something out.
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I have now reached the point where I have completely lost track of the number of different methods at my disposal for logging into and posting on this blog. It's sort of like the kind of guy who is constantly working on his house or his car, but never drives it anywhere or moves in.  Thinking on this, I'm not entirely worried.  The tinkering is fun and I keep finding and solving problems.  There is a joy to that.  There is still moving forward. One thing that I've noticed about myself is that the less that I post, the less I'm inclined to post.  Like this is sort of a conversation with myself somehow.  That's what people who are suspicius of blogging find as the thing to fault - "But who reads it? What's the point of writing if nobody's there to read it?" The point of writing something that nobody will ever read is the same as the point of noodling about with the settings of a blog that you never post to.  It is the doing.