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Wikipedia will teach you about the "@" symbol.

Nirvana - Pentecost Hotel 1968

Where I am now.

I like going places that I've never been - I love poking around a new city or riding a train or bus through town after town. It occurs to me as I think about this that there are very few places that I've been to that I haven't felt a little tug that says "you know, you could live here. You would be happy living here." I've felt it in tiny towns in the rural south and I've felt it in the depths of New York City.

I used to ride around the country on the Greyhound bus. Many times, the bus would be going through some place that I've never heard of, and I would look out the window and suddenly just want to jump off the bus and find an apartment right there.

Sometimes, when I am not expecting to, I feel it about the place where I am actually living.

From time to time I find myself pouring over blogs by people who are just writing about how they are living their lives. They take pictures of the flower bed after doing some weeding and another couple of …

embarrassment of riches

I have been spending the last few months noodling about with a site called

It is a simple site and it works like this:

I log in. It gives me a blankish page with the date on it. In the lower right corner of the page is a word counter, so as I type I can see the words accumulate. (I can anyway, what with them being written down and all, but there is something about typing and watching the word count chugging up.)

Then, once you have reached words a little box pops up that tells you that you have written the proper number of words and can now look at statistics about your writing.

For example - I see that it takes an average of 357 minutes per day to write 750 words. This makes sense because I generally wake up and do some writing in the morning and then finish up before I go to bed. My best streak is completing the 750 words 38 days in a row.

My writing is at a PG-13 level. The words I use indicate that I am introverted yet happy. I seem to think mostly about the p…


I've been inspired by Apres Garde to start looking through Streetview for interesting things to "take photos" of.

Here's the best I've found in my travels so far:

Madness : Johnny The Horse

And now, the most delightfully peppy song ever written about a homeless schizophrenic getting kicked to death. You're welcome.

Tom Russell on Letterman

I really haven't been paying attention to Ke$ha.

And yet I still somehow surf my way to this: EW: And somehow you vomited in Paris Hilton’s closet?
K: Totally separate occasion, but yes, that did happen. They stayed in my house in Nashville when I was 17. Then fast forward six months, I’m out in LA, and I sing background vocals for her second single. And then that night we went to her house and we were all dancing, hanging out. Then I got overexcited and ralphed in her closet. I thought it was a bathroom… and it just so happened not to be a bathroom. It was a closet.
EW: Did that end things with you and her?
K: That kind of ended the relationship right there.
EW: Do you hold that against her?
K: No, I wouldn’t want to be my friend either.

The Leisure Society 'A Matter Of Time' (live)

Compare and contrast