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Balloons vs Icicles

We have movie sign! has a look at the International Space Station logs and pulls out all the references to movie night.
6 JAN 2001: We eat dinner and watch "GI Jane". Lots of SEAL questions, and Shep explains why this is not exactly like the real SEAL training.

6 FEB 2001: We ate some dinner and watched the last part of "City of Angels". Shep did his best to explain to Yuri and Sergei what the phrase "chick flick" means.

Oh No!

Great moments in damage control

Classic Television Showbiz shares the tale (and clips) of perhaps the most infamous game show failure in television history.

Many shows have been axed after one show, but this might be the only time where the host was allowed to go on the air and spend a half an hour apologizing for the show having been made.


Candy for your brain

I suspect that this might not be entirely historically accurate

On the bloody fields of Pennsylvania in 1863, two great armies collided to decide the fate of a nation. The South rose, and the North responded with fervent mettle.

As every schoolchild knows, at the forefront of the battle stood the mighty Yetis, white-furred giants imported from the wilds of Canada to shred the opposing front lines. From the rear, powerful mastodons hurled boulders into the fray. From even further to the rear, great generals engineered the destruction of the opposing forces—and quite often their own.

(This Week in Pod is Gonna be Just Like) Starting Over

During the course of adding cds to my iPod I sometimes stopped to wonder what would happen when I had more music on my computer's hard drive than I could fit on the iPod.

The answer is that the iPod starts picking and choosing. When this happens, I start to get curious about *how* it is picking and choosing. So I start noodling around with the playlists. The next thing that happens is that I have a big mess.

Not a huge mess. Nothing blew up. More of an "I'm on my way home and want to hear x, and it is not on the list even though I thought I set it up so it would be there."

So I erased my contents and began again.

I was a bit more methodical. It filled up again, I wiped it again, and now once more I'm close to filled up. Again.

This is fun, but rather frustrating.

(Interesting factoid: I have 5 tracks by Lambchop. They all came from Uncut Magazine covermounts! Someone at Uncut is a Lambchop fan!)

As it has been something like four months, I've decided to ch…

oh fudge!

Created by OnePlusYou

And in a similar vein

High Noon with added lasers.

An interesting thing will lead to an uncharitable comment

The interesting thing:

Give Us Today Our Daily Terror by Martijn Hendriks. Hitchcocks's The Birds with all the birds digitally removed.

And here I present the uncharitable comment:

"Now do it to Tippi Hedren!"

Thanks everyone. I'm here all week.

Boy, those corners are looking ratty.

Don't worry, I'm on it.

I'm mucking with the template!

Currently, the colors are from a palette based on the cover of Rubber Soul:

The plan is for this to change on occasion. Let's see how it goes.

Another menu from a similar voyage

Dave at Cooking Monster shares the menu from the Titanic, which I link to compare with the menu that I put up from the Oceanic.

I am inspired - now on my far too large list of things I need to do is annotate the Oceanic menu.

And look who else is back!

There's a new CD from Was (Not Was)! I'm really starting to like 2008.

Back in a week

Don't wreck the place, you kids.

Nostalgia explained

This is a clip from The Butterfly Ball. As I understand it, this was the test animation for an entire feature based on the album.

It turns out that the Australian ABC network used it as filler quite frequently in the early 70s, so it causes nostalgia in Australians of a certain age.

The clip was also used as filler on Night Flight in the mid 80s, with absolutely no explanation as to what the hell it was, so it causes a slightly different nostalgia in Americans of roughly the same age.

New horizons in car rental

Count the doors.

It's a little late, but...


Breaking Down the Nervous Detectives - He learns how to steal and he learns how to fight in the ghetto

Here Come the Double Deckers - "The Case of the Missing Doughnut" - January 15, 1971

I am often overwhelmed by the skill that British television can use when looking at squalor and despair. This show, as an example, is often listed in textbooks due to its cold hard look at young children who have been forced to live on the streets in abject poverty.

Among other things, this series was most likely the first to show a recurring character operating a methamphetamine lab.

In this episode, we are treated to a glimpse into the hardened mind of the young criminal named doughnut. Deprived of even the most simple needs of sustenance and attention, Doughnut goes on a rampage of wanton destruction.

Rejected by society to the point where he is so base that he is almost literally invisible, Doughnut revels in his strange netherworld placement. Beyond the panopticon, he is free to enjoy only the fruits of his own misery and cruelty.

Note his young compatriot, Tiger. Tiger's companion i…