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Oh bother

A couple of posts down from this is a post where I was doing some quick testing.  Generally, I grab a little thing to post, but I was in a hurry so I just put up a post that said "I'm testing something.  Ignore this."

So I get a jokey comment and I make a jokey response.  Which is cool, bring on the jokey everyone.

Then I got this comment to the same post a few days ago:

"This is a fantastic, It is glad to see this blog, nice informative blog, Thanks for share this article."

Now when I saw this, my first reaction was "Oh to hell with all of this."  And I went and looked at the "delete this blog" button for a little while.

Obviously I didn't, but then I got to thinking that if some loon making a daft comment can push me to quit, perhaps I ought to switch gears.

Now, thinking about this made me go back to the comment.  I clicked on the guy's profile info and then went and had a peek at his blog.  The guy's blog has one post.  It i…

I love this.

"On a summer night in 1888 in Mannheim, Germany, Bertha Benz became the first person to drive an automobile on a social journey, the kind of trip we now recognize as a perfectly ordinary thing to do in a car. With her teenage sons, Eugen and Richard, Bertha pushed the prototype car built by her sleeping husband out of his workshop, far enough from the house so he would not wake when they fired it up, and set out to visit her mother on the longest trip ever taken in an automobile."

-- Georgine Clarsen, Eat my Dust: Early Women Motorists.

This is how it goes

I tried my hand at taking at least one picture a day to try to get me in the habit of taking more pictures. On day two, I realized that I hadn't taken a picture yet at 11:59 pm. So I grabbed my cell and took a picture of my nightstand. Then at a minute after midnight I took another picture of my nightstand so I could get that day out of the way.

It went downhill from there.

Nick Cave - There She Goes, My Beautiful World (Live)

I am doing some testing so right now this is not going to make much sense. Please ignore.

I am doing some testing so right now this is not going to make much sense.  Sorry for clugging up the tubes with posts of no value.  Normal internet activity will resume in a normal amount of time. Posted via email from Xenius's posterous