And worse... I've lost Latvia!

Sitting in my post queue like a sad broken promise was the most recent post that I had been working on.

I put it here in full:

Two interesting things from the blog stats that I see this fine morning.
 1) I have not posted an entry for eleven months.
 2) My readership has increased by something like thirteen times since the days when I was posting somewhat regularly.
I don't have an easy explanation for either of those things.  Actually, the second thing seems to be a combination of search engine robot jiggery-pokery, and an astonishing uptick in readership from Latvia. (Hello, Latvians!) The first thing is on me entirely, and the explanation isn't easy due to me not intending to give it to the internet.  (Sorry, Latvians!)
I see that this post was dated Aug 19, 2013.  And I have now had a quick scan of my (such as it is) readership.  I have lost whatever traction I once had in Latvia.  Sorry, Latvians!


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